What colours is Safetwist available in?

Safetwist is available in:

  • Chrome effect
  • Gold effect
  • Black

We supply chrome effect by default. If you prefer gold effect or black, please specify this in the Order notes box when you are checking out. If the colour you order does not suit, we will be happy to replace it for another colour as long as it is returned in perfect condition. While we will not apply a restocking charge, you will be liable for shipping charges for the replacement Safetwist.

Please note that the different colour options relate to the thumb-turn section only. The cylinder (barrel) is chrome coloured in all cases.

Are there any safety warnings that I should be aware of?

Yes! Safetwist is designed to protect unintended egress from a property by young children or vulnerable adults. However, it is just as important that authorised older children and adults (e.g. babysitters) are able to engage Safetwist and open doors when required. Therefore, you should familiarise any such people with how to operate Safetwist so that there is no delay in opening doors in the event of emergency.

Can I open the door with a key from the outside if it's locked with SafeTwist from the inside?

Yes! You can always open SafeTwist with a key from the outside.

How do I measure my old lock?

Either use our handy measuring gauge which we will send to you free when you make your purchase, or see our installation video.

Installation Video

How do I get the old cylinder / lock out if it seems stuck?

Loosen the handles slightly and make sure you have removed the locking screw and that the cam is in the correct position. If it’s an old lock try tapping it gently with a hammer to free it.

Installation Video

How do I locate the locking Screw?

It’s the screw in line with the bottom of the key when its in the lock. It’s normally different to the other screws in the door. For guidance just click here.

Can I get extra keys?

SafeTwist comes with 3 keys as standard but you can order extra keys for €6 each through SafeTwist’s website, or we can refer you to a local locksmith who will cut extra keys.

I need restricted keys - are they available?

Yes, restricted keys are available to provide even greater security. Please email info@safetwist.ie with your requirements and contact details and we will get back to you without delay.

Can I purchase Safetwist "keyed-alike" for multiple doors?

Yes. Keyed-alike means each lock uses the same key. If you would like to order Safetwist keyed-alike for more than one door, simply choose Keyed-alike at the bottom of the Buy Now page. Please be aware that keyed-alike cylinders are a special order so they may take a few extra days to reach you.

What maintenance does Safetwist require?

Safetwist comes with a high quality cylinder that, as with any cylinder, should receive regular preventative maintenance in order to function well. We recommend:


  • Lubricate the cylinder twice a year with GT85 type lubricant (do not use oil or similar lubricants, and do not lubricate excessively). You can purchase GT85 lubricant in most good hardware or bicycle stores.
  • Do not clean the cylinder with any type of chemical wash.
  • Do not paint or varnish any part of the key socket.


  • Where possible, always use genuine keys that match the cylinder brand when cutting replacements. During the twice yearly maintenance programme, inspect all keys in use and replace any that show signs of physical wear.

Preventative measures

  • Never use the SafeTwist thumb turn to pull the door open.
  • Never use the key to pull the door closed.

Can I get someone to fit my new Safetwist?

Yes. While Safetwist has been designed to be easy for you to install, if you would like it professionally installed you can purchase installation for just €75 throughout the Republic of Ireland. Simply select “Installation” at the bottom of the Product Selection table on our Buy Now page.

What guarantee comes with Safetwist?

SafeTwist comes with a standard five year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please report any such defects to SafeTwist as soon as they are detected by emailing support@safetwist.ie. In order for your guarantee to be valid you must follow the recommended maintenance guidelines.

Once we receive your complaint we will contact you without delay in order to remedy the issue, if appropriate, by arranging for the repair or replacement of your product.

Safetwist is responsible for the Safetwist product only. Any issues arising from installation or from activities carried out by any third party should be raised with the third party in question.

Safetwist will not accept responsibility for any direct or collateral damage caused by the installation of Safetwist or by any attempts made to remedy, without Safetwist’s prior authorisation, any issues arising from the installation or use of Safetwist.

In order for your warranty to remain valid you must follow the recommended maintenance procedures shown on our website.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

I can't resolve my issue - where can I get more help?

We want your experience of using Safetwist to be a really positive one. If you have read our FAQs and are still experiencing difficulties, please email info@safetwist.ie providing contact details and a full description of your problem and we will assist you without delay.

Any Questions?

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ’s, just send us a message on our Contact us page.