What is SafeTwist?
A simple lock that greatly improves the security of your home, from the inside out.

Eliminates “letterbox fishing” – a major security problem for traditional thumb turns, so it makes life much more difficult for burglars and much easier for you.

Especially protects young children and vulnerable adults as it restricts them from unsupervised exit of the home.

Quick and easy to retro-fit to existing doors – you can do it yourself and no specialist tools are required.

No need to leave a key in the lock (which children can turn or remove and lose) and no more searching for keys.

Key features
6-pin high security CE Approved/BS Kitemarked snap-safe, anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-bump cylinders. Also available with 10 pin maximum security cylinders.

Available in sizes to suit most external doors – front, back and side.

Satin-chrome finished and supplied with 3 keys.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Ireland.

Passed extensive independent durability testing.

Compliant with EU, Irish and UK building regulations.

Patented in the UK with patent pending in Europe and Ireland.

Kitemarked and Secured by Design

Easy to install

 Anyone can do it
Quick and easy to retro-fit to existing doors – you can do it yourself.

 A few simple tools
All you usually need is a Phillips screwdriver, no specialist tools are required.

 It only takes a few minutes
It's very easy to do, even for novice DIY'ers.

 Check out our installation video!
Click here to watch our short video guiding you through the installation.

SafeTwist cylinder side profile